Why You Should Never Stop Flirting With Your Partner

What is flirting?

To me, flirting is something you do to a person that you are interested in or in a relationship with, to show them signs that you like them. It’s also a way to get the other person to like you.

You can flirt in different ways. It can be in the way you talk by making them laugh or smile, or it can be something physical like a touch on the arm.


It depends on the person

When the person you want to flirt with you does it, it can give you all kinds of great feelings. A lot of the times you will think about those moments when y’all are apart because they made you feel good in some way.

When the person you like flirts with you, it can help boost your confidence. It also communicates that this person does feel something for you.

In a relationship

At the beginning of a relationship there is a lot of flirting, right before you both make it official and while you are in the honeymoon phase of the relationship.

As you get out of the honeymoon phase, you will typically see a decline in the flirting. We become so used to each other that we become complacent and feel as if we don’t need to make the effort to let our partner know we still want them.

Flirting is a form of communication and when it’s coming from your partner, especially after being in a relationship for 9 years, it is great to know that the person you wanted to be with 9 years ago still wants to be with you.

I value the type of marriage we have today and I am very thankful for the relationship we have built. No one can predict the future of your relationship, but you can see so many relationships falling apart around you.

Flirting with our partner can be another way to show your partner that he or she is all you could ever need and want.

Keeping the spark and feeling loved

Flirting can be done at anytime because it can be so subtle and discreet that only the two of you will know it is happening.

When you flirt with your partner randomly, it shows them that they are on your mind. We all love the thought of someone thinking about us.


After being in a relationship for so long, it’s so easy not to make the extra effort. But if you truly want to stay with the person you are with and keep the love, attraction and spark alive, something as small as flirting can help with that.

Question of the week

How long have you been together with your partner? Do you still flirt?

Do you think flirting is important? Why or why not?

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