4 Benefits of Laughing In a Relationship

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Laughing is good for the soul

I don’t know about you, but laughing is something I love to do. I also love making my family laugh so I’m always doing something fun or crazy to keep the laughter flowing in our home. I’ve read in multiple places (over the years) that laughing in really good for your health in many ways.

My husband is also a jokester and plays a lot, sometimes too much for my liking. But that’s why I love him. He hates to see the women in his life cry, so he’s always making us laugh. He actually makes anyone he meets laugh.

Our entire family has a sense of humor and the laughs never stop flowing when we are together. It is something I love most about my family and marriage and I will cherish that forever.


Benefits of laughing

For all of those grouchy people out there who don’t know, there are actual benefits to laughing:

  • It releases anger and helps with forgiveness – Being in a relationship, you will need to learn how to do a lot of forgiving and do it quickly. Holding grudges and the silent treatment is something that will put cracks in your foundation. The more cracks there are in the foundation of your relationship, the less stable it will become and what you are building will come crashing down.
  • It helps you connect with others – If you haven’t noticed, laughing is contagious. When someone is laughing, it makes you want to laugh. When you and your partner laugh together it creates a connection that you can only feel: words can’t even describe it.
  • It provides emotional release – Just like crying, laughing can help release pent-up emotions that you may have had. It’s like another form of cleansing; once you start to laugh, it’s hard to stay upset after that.
  • It relaxes your body – A lot of us are so tense in our bodies all day and every day, that we don’t even notice how tense we are. Laughing helps to relax you, so your body can stop working so hard because your mind refuses to let it relax.

Laughing in a relationship

I know for my husband and I, we are always making one another laugh. If there is a time we see something funny and the other person is not there, we can’t wait to share it so we can laugh together.

I believe this is one of the reasons we love spending so much time together. We love laughing with one another. Laughter helps build a friendship between the two of you.

When you discover what makes the other person laugh, you can use that to your advantage when you need to lighten up the mood, or when you have upset your partner. I know we both do it. Yes, even us women mess up SOMETIMES and need to get out of the hot chair.

So when this happens, I think of a way I can make him laugh, which usually works. Plus, he can never stay upset with me for too long.

He also does the same with me, he knows EXACTLY what to say and do to make me laugh and he knows that once he sees a smile, he’s got me.

Just writing about it makes me smile because these are the good times in our marriage and despite all the things that have happened in our lives that we perceive as bad, we still find a way to laugh through it.

Know that life will not be easy and neither will be being a relationship, but when you mix laughter in there, it helps take the edge off.

Question of the week

Is there a lot of laughter in your relationship?

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