There’s a Free Business Legal Resource For The Culture in Phoenix

The B.A.G Talk Series

What is The B.A.G Talk Series?

B.A.G. stands for Business Access Granted and it is a free workshop held once a month. It provides legal information for businesses and is presented by Salisha Rigsbee and Christle Jones who are two local business attorneys, as well as Chelsea Richardson, who is CEO of F5 Consulting and facilitator for the series.

I’m probably going to mention it’s free a few more times, just in case you’re looking for a reason not to go. You will not find too many places that are giving out free legal information.

I have attended all the series so far and they have covered the following topics:

  • Contracts
  • Intellectual property
  • Copyright
  • Your branding
  • Trademarks

If you are in business, all of these topics are relevant and crucial to the success of your business. To be clear, as they explain in the series, they are only providing information, not legal advice or a legal opinion. It is for information purposes only so you can gain knowledge on how you need to protect the bag.

Their motto is: Your knowledge is your leverage and your leverage is your power and your power is how you protect the bag.

How Did I Hear About The B.A.G Talk Series?

I am currently an entrepreneur and co-founder of a cosmetic company that produces CBD infused bath and body products. As we are still starting out and funding our own business, we are always looking for affordable or free tools and resources to ensure the success of our business.

I came across the event on Facebook and immediately knew my business partner and I needed to be in the room.

Being a small business owner running a minority owned business, I realized there is so much information out there that we are not privy to when it comes to how to run and operate a successful business and protecting it legally.

I figured this was a resource that would be crucial to our success and I was right.

How it has helped our business?

Although my business partner and I have graduated from a Small Business Certification Program and it laid the foundation we needed to get our business going, there was still more information we needed to know about business in general, especially the legal aspects.

Even though we have the internet at our fingertips (trust me, we use it), the legal information on how to run your business is kind of hard to find unless you know where to look.

This series has pointed us in the right direction and showed us the aspects of business that we need to focus on when it comes to protecting the bag.

About 3 weeks ago we ran into a legal matter that caused to have to rebrand our business. This hit us like a ton of bricks and we had no clue how to proceed.

Before attending The B.A.G Talk Series, we didn’t know any business attorneys other than our teacher from school. We were relieved just knowing that we actually knew TWO attorneys that we could turn to for some guidance.

We reached out to one of the lawyers and were able to set up a consultation so we could fully understand what had taken place and what this could mean for our business. Unfortunately, there was no good news as the cease and desist letter was valid and we had 30 days to stop using our business name.

After this, we had to schedule and pay for a further consultation, because we needed specific legal advice on how to proceed and what we needed to do to make sure this wouldn’t happen again.

This event was very painful for me as a business owner, knowing that you needed to start over and everything you have worked for, paid for, spent time on, must all be thrown away.

I’m sure it would have been a lot more painful if we didn’t already have a trusted resource to turn to.

Why should you attend?

  • It’s a free legal resource that was created for the culture. If you are a person of color then you know this information is just not lying around for the taking. But it is now! If you’re in business of ANY KIND, you are a person of color and live in Phoenix area, you need to be in the building.
  • You never know when you will need an attorney (I know we didn’t), so come and build a relationship that will support you when needed and enable you to already know an attorney whom you can trust.
  • The group’s services are timely and professional. There is a stigma in the black community about how we operate our events and business and I’m here to say they put that stigma to rest. These ladies are timely, well-prepared and professional, all while making you feel like you’ve known them for years. They are clear and to the point with their information, and they love feedback so they can make their next series better than the last.
  • They have created a community and environment for people of color to come and gain knowledge as well as network among themselves, market their business, and just get to know one another. There are some attendees like us who go faithfully to every series, which gives us a chance to connect.

The B.A.G Talk Series is a great resource for our community and I am thankful I am able to be gain value from such a great resource and have a platform to share it with others. I’m not sure if this post does justice to the amazing work that Salisha, Christle, and Chelsea put in. All I can say now is: come and see for yourself!

Come get some valuable information for free while connecting with your community!

Oh yeah, and they have snacks!!!!

Question of the week

Are you going to attend the next The B.A.G Talk Series?

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