What It Really Means to Be A Godparent

“That’s My Godbaby”

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had two mothers. No, this wasn’t a same sex relationship my mom was in (although that has happened…another time). It was one of my Mom’s best friends whom she has known since the 2nd grade.

She agreed to be my godmother and she took that role very seriously; so seriously to the point that because of her I have a whole other mother because she loved me so much that her family became my family in every sense of the word.

There was a time when both of my parents were battling a drug addiction and were no longer able to keep a roof over our heads. That’s when my godmother stepped in and took care of me as her own.

This is keeping in mind that she had an entire family of her own: three kids, a husband and dog (Pete we miss you). She added me to her family so naturally, as if any other option would be unacceptable.

For three years I was well taken care of and treated like rest of their kids and I still am until this day.

My godparents now take care of my 9-year-old little brother who they love beyond words. I could honestly go on and on about how well he’s taken care of.

Tradition vs Where I’m From

Depending on your culture and where you are from, the roles of a godparent or godparents may differ. Some traditions call for an official ceremony.

Where I’m from, we would just ask the closest person to us if they want to be our child’s godparents. Of course I hope that for most people, they will choose their child’s godparents for more than just that reason.

Because a godparent is so much more than that.

A godparent is –

  • Someone you can trust.
  • Someone who has your child’s best interest at heart at all times.
  • Someone who will be there to take care of your child in the event you are unable to do so yourself.
  • Someone who is there when your child needs them, no matter what.
  • Someone who is there for a lifetime, not just when y’all are cool.

A godparent is not –

  • There temporarily and easily replaced.
  • Just a name that sounds cool without any of the responsibilities.
  • Someone who does not make your child a priority when needed.

Choose Wisely

Being a child’s godparent is a huge responsibility and a lifetime role. I learned this from my godmother in the way she treats me and my little brother. The love she has for us is truly genuine and when anyone asks her how many kids and grandkids she has, you’d better believe we’re included.

So don’t let just anyone be your child’s godparent. Also, don’t just accept the responsibility if you’re not ready to live up to it.

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