Taking a Break From Social Media

A year ago I made the decision to take a break from social media for 30 days and when I returned everything was different for me. 

Social Media Today

Social media has evolved a lot since myspace days and it has a way bigger impact on our habits because we have it in the palm of our hands constantly. The excessive use and sharing on various levels has caused so much turmoil in people’s lives that we are now encouraged to take a break. 

Many of us love to play the comparison game while on social media. Whether its comparing relationships, lifestyles, material things, accomplishments, ect. When we fall short of those comparisons we tend to think less of ourselves which can birth depression. 

Did you know that the average person spends about 4 to 5 hours a week on social media? Which means we are comparing our lives to 30 seconds clips and pictures. When in reality we all have a lot more going than what we see each other post on social media. 

Social media gives you a glimpse at seeing what goes on in someone’s life and sometimes what you’re seeing is a complete fake. People show you what they want to see! So that means if they are in a bad relationship they’re probably not going to post about it, or if they are having money problems. (this excludes some people that just love to post EVERYTHING on social media).

Some will say “people take social media too seriously” and others will say “people don’t take social media serious enough”. 

I think there should be a healthy balance between the two but again that’s my opinion and I suspect you have your own. 

Taking A Break

Like everyone else, social media was a huge distraction for me and until this day sometimes it still is. I would scroll and compare scroll and compare. 

Most of the time it was during graduation season and I would see all the college graduates in their cap and gowns. I would be so happy for them especially because I knew a lot of them in some form. Although I was happy for them I would compare where I was with my education and how badly I wanted to be them because one of my biggest goals was to graduate from college. 

There are more scenarios but you get the picture. 

When I came to a really depressing moment in my life where my interactions and post on social media decreased, I would just go on to see what was happening with everyone else. A lot of times my phone would be the first and last thing I look at in the morning and at night.

Once I made the decision to get myself together mentally I decided  I could only do that by disconnecting with social media. 

I noticed, depending on what I saw that morning on my feed it had the ability to sway my mood no matter what it was. I decided I wanted to be in control my mood. 

I removed all of my social media apps from my phone to remove the temptation. (except for snapchat because my daughter loves to play with the filters)

I used my extra time doing things I enojyed like reading and spending time with my family.

How My Interaction Has Changed

  • I don’t feel the need to voice my opinion on topics that’s trending, controversial.
  • I do my best to spread love and happiness when I post now, there is already so much negativity and hatred going on I think its doing just fine without my contribution. 
  • Turned my comparison/depression into gratitude. By being greatful for what I have, I have no room to compare or be depressed.

Taking  the break from social media allowed me to focus on the things that mattered without the distractions of the world. 

My standard now is no social media for the first hour of my day and last hour of my day. This way my mood is not swayed. 

One of the biggest things I learned from the break was social media didn’t miss me and it was EXACTLY the same when I returned, like I never missed a day. 

Questions of the week

Have you ever taken a break? For how long?

Have you thought about taking a break? Why?

7 thoughts on “Taking a Break From Social Media

  1. Currently logged out of my insta for close to a month now and I do if I’ll ever go back!! I feel so free and spend my “insta” time instead being present!!


  2. Yes!!!!! Currently logged out of my insta for about a month now and idk if I’ll go back! I have so much more time to be present now and my overall mental state seems to much clearer and happier! Love that you made a post about this,this week!


  3. You really spoke to me on this one. I can’t lie I am in the beginning stage of where I compare things on social media and it messes with me mentally. Seeing how taking a break helped you has made me realize that’s what I need to do. Take a break and focus on the things I love to. Maybe get things together and work on my goals. I love you Nyreesha keep going keep making these. I have so much catching up to do but keep going.


    1. Thank you sooooo much for reading and always encouraging me to keep going! I’m so happy this has helped you and the good about taking a break is social media will still be here and people will still posting and bragging lol but when you come back you care a lot less.


  4. I’m currently detoxing from social media. I’m not sure for how long. It’s been about three weeks and I feel emotionally lighter. I was comparing myself to those on my news feed and it was causing me to be depressed. I need to get myself together and when I return I’ll be in a different mindset. I think taking a break from social media at times is important and something we should consider doing often to protect our emotional well-being.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kim. I definitely agree with you. When I take my breaks I feel so free! I recently read the book Digital Minimalist and it was really good. Helped me understand my habits when it comes to social media.

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