Moving in silence only keeps us isolated mentally and divided physically.

Move in Silence Motto:

I’ve heard the saying “Move in Silence” throughout my life and I see it constantly on social media.

These memes usually include a long caption on how someone is moving in silence because of some reason or another is something I see way too often.

What I Believe:

I’ve seen and heard it so much I even started to believe it. Especially when reading a long caption with someone defending why they do it. Some of them were:

  • They didn’t want anyone to steal their ideas
  • They wanted to wait until something is official before sharing it with others
  • Lack of support and naysayers
  • They don’t want people in their business

I honestly believe that some of us also use the phrase as a shield that has a subtle meaning of ‘I’m working to get ahead of everyone around me’. “Everyone” is viewed as competition.

So we “move in silence” because we are afraid of someone getting ahead of us. (I can say for myself I don’t recall feeling this way, but I can’t be sure.)

My excuse for moving in silence was because I was doubting myself and I didn’t believe that I would succeed, so I wouldn’t speak about it out of fear of everyone knowing that I’ve failed.

I also thought that I needed to have accomplished my main goal before I was “allowed” to share my information with others.

I’m not sure whose permission I was waiting for. But if you’re like me in this thinking, know that YOU DON’T NEED PERMISSION.

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The Reasons:

These are the exact reasons why we SHOULDN’T “move in silence.” There are so many people in life trying to accomplish goals that would be life changing for themselves, their families, and the betterment of the world. Myself included…

And we don’t have all the answers!!!!! So, if you do, why not share them?

Sharing is Caring:

We have to get out of the mind frame that someone is going to take what is ours, when in reality, what is meant for you is MEANT FOR YOU.

The only person who can keep you from getting what is yours is YOU.

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Moving in silence and not sharing knowledge can get you to the top, but you will be alone. You may not even get there at all.

There are so many of us who are on a journey seeking success, happiness, peace, wealth and much more, in our own way. To me, it’s honestly a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.

We are also the same people who are facing various challenges that we think are so unique, and that no one can relate or help us, so we feel alone.

The feeling of being alone can cause depression, anxiety, resentment and anger.

But in reality, our challenges are more alike than we think and we’re not really alone.

But it’s hard to tell when you look up and see someone you know or know of has reached a level of success you aspire to reach one day, whether that’s in their career, education, health, finances, family, relationship, ect.

But we didn’t see all the challenges they went through, the times they wanted to give up, the help and support they received or the lack thereof.

That’s because they were moving silence.

What I’m Not Saying:

Does this mean you need to share every detail of your life with everyone on all of your social media? Of course not! Nor am I saying it’s not OK to keep things to yourself or to only share things with the ones closest to you.

I’m also not saying as soon as something challenging happens, you should immediately go out and share it, so people know how hard life is for you.

What I Am Saying:

No matter who you are, when you are on a journey to accomplish a goal, it is never easy and there will always be challenges.

There is nothing wrong with sharing those challenges and how you overcame them. Your story and challenges could help another person who is on their journey and give them hope in knowing they are not alone, and that someone has walked in similar shoes and it is possible.

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No Longer Moving In Silence:

I know that I have not yet accomplished my main goals, which are, but not limited to, having peace, breaking the numerous unhelpful family cycles from money to mental health, being self employed and MORE.

I know that I am farther along on my journey than others and I know others are farther along on their journey than mine.

This means we all have something to share that can benefit the next person, and help lift them up so they can get one step closer to what matters to them.

This is why I’ve started this blog, Self Care Sunday, and a business. I’ve created these platforms so that I can have the space to share all the things I’m learning while ON my journey, instead of waiting until I’ve reached the end.

Before you think ‘I have nothing of importance to share with anyone, how has what I’ve been through going to help the next person?’, stop and think about the time someone’s story inspired change, motivation, courage, and everything else that led you to overcoming a challenge.

Once you find the lesson in your challenges, share them! You never know whose life you’re going to change.

Questions of the Week:

Do you prefer to move in silence? Why, or why not?

How has someone else’s story inspired yours?

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