Self Care Sunday

What Is Self Care?

To me, self care is taking time for yourself, to take care of your needs. Not the needs of our children, our spouses, our jobs and or businesses, and any other of the many hats we wear. This time is made for you by you with the intention to make you better.

When I googled the definitions of self care, the results came up as:

  • The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.
  • The practise of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular, during periods of stress.

Often times women consider getting their nails done, their hair done, taking a bath, or going shopping as self care activities. And don’t get me wrong, they can be, to an extent. Especially because a lot of times if you look good, you may feel good too.

But what about the times when you look damn good, but you still don’t feel good? It’s time for us to dig a little deeper and step out of the cliché of self care actions and try some new things.

Mother’s Day! 💜

Why Sunday?

Your self care day can be done at anytime you see fit, but for me, Sunday works best. I like to rejuvenate from the previous busy week I’ve had and get mentally ready for the week to come. This allows me the time to cater to my needs.

Why Did I Start Self Care Sunday?

Once I started my healing journey and became more open to new ways of living and managing stress by doing things such as yoga, journaling, mediating and more, I found myself wanting to share what I was learning. I also found myself wanting to just have conversations with likeminded people who were on a similar journey or looking to start that journey and just share knowledge.

There is so much I want to share, but there is even so much more I want to learn.

I began to look for groups I could possibly join, and I found they were mostly online. I have joined some, but I’ve learned that the whole social media bonding thing is not for me. I would prefer an actual human connection first, rather than an online one.

The groups I found in person generally cost and I am on a tight budget (practicing money management).

So, I decided to create this space myself.

What Exactly Does Your Self Care Sunday Consist Of?

Self Care Sunday at the park is time where you can completely focus on you and your needs.

We first start out with some beginners’ yoga. Nothing too crazy; I just started doing yoga myself, so no pressure. Afterwards, we will sit and talk about our journey, our growth, our struggles, and goals.

Yes, I want this meetup to be a safe space where you can vent and get out your feelings, but we will not stop there. I am also a solution oriented person and the goal is if you are facing any challenges, identify what they are and let’s start taking actions to change them.

This is where the group setting will be helpful. If you are not sure of what your next steps are, or need some encouragement and support, you will have someone to hold you accountable.

That’s exactly what Self Care Sunday is about. We will offer each other supportive and beneficial solutions. We will give you ideas and tips on how to accomplish your goals, but most of all, positive vibes!

Photo by Rui Dias on

This sounds great, but why is it so early?

I know getting up early on a Sunday morning is something horrible for a lot of people. I surely used to hate it myself; I hated getting up on any day. I don’t necessarily love it now, but I know waking up early gives you more time in your day and more time to accomplish your goals.

If you are as serious as I am about changing your life and achieving whatever goals you have in mind, then you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get there. No, I am not saying that Self Care Sunday is going to be the life changing thing you need to do in your life to accomplish your goals (or maybe I am).

However, when you create healthy habits and have enough discipline to maintain them, you will accomplish your goals. It all starts with setting small goals that will lead you to your bigger goals.

Committing to attending Self Care Sunday twice a month can be considered a small step. If you apply yourself and get the most out of Self Care Sunday, you will walk away with a few ideas and actions to help you accomplish those goals.

You will have a group of women who will encourage you on your journey and also hold you accountable when you are falling short.

All in all, Self Care Sunday was created to be a nurturing environment that allows you to focus on your growth amongst likeminded individuals and also to provide you with inspiration!

I hope you can join me one of these Sunday’s.

Thank you for reading. Until next Sunday.

Questions Of The Week:

Do you self care practice? If so, what do you do?

Would you like to start a self care practice? If so, what would you like to do?

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2 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday

  1. I love the sounds of your self-care Sunday 🙂 I like how you are focusing on well-being so holistically and in a nurturing way. Sounds like you’ve gathered a nice group of women to connect with too. You asked about self-care practices: I love yoga, meditation, reading, and painting. Also, walking or cycling in the woods or on the heathland near my home is very balancing and grounding.

    Liked by 1 person

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